Profitable income streams for your Pilates & fitness business.
Innovative New Techniques
A fun new format

More Income

Are you a Level 3 Pilates Teacher who wants to add another profitable income stream to their business?

Innovative new techniques

Are you looking for innovative ways of using your extensive Pilates training to help improve people’s strength, posture and mobility?

A fun, new format

Would you like a new way of applying Pilates principles to a fun, new class format?


Welcome to Barre Pilates Method

Barre workouts have taken the world by storm as a fantastic low impact class to strengthen your body.  Leading Teacher Training Cherry Baker and Claire Wray, Creator and Pilates Studio owner, now bring you the Barre Pilates Method, which simplifies complex ballet technique and combines it with Pilates principles to deliver a safe, effective, flowing workout for everyone, with no need of dance experience.


Benefits of Barre Pilates Method

  • It is space efficient meaning more clients in your class than you can fit in your Pilates session increasing your profit margins
  • Improves standing posture
  • Challenges the muscular endurance of the entire body
  • Provides a new challenge for your most experienced clients
  • Gives all clients variety from traditional Pilates exercises
  • Takes your client to an upright position for the majority of the class for weight bearing benefits
  • Gives you as a teacher another skill while still using your Pilates training and experience


  • Challenging but fun – I’m addicted!

    Sophie Leeds
  • Lift’s my bum like no other workout!

    Diane Leeds
  • I feel like a ballerina!

    Lucy Leeds
  • Everything is tightening and lifting – never thought that would happen at my age!

    Collette Leeds
  • A great preparation for my skiing holiday!

    Pauline Leeds
  • I’ve tried everything, the gym, yoga, Pilates, spinning – this is all I do now and I’m in the best shape ever.

    Liz West Yorkshire